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Holding Inside the Sun

Holding Inside the Sun (1999)

1 Repent
2 Shuddering and Stunned
3 Car
4 Spent
5 Palmshadow
6 Angel's Lullaby
7 Process
8 Freeways and Airplanes
9 Fallow
10 Human Prerogative

Following closely on the heels of Moose, Holding Inside the Sun was Greg's second solo release and again featured all-original material written while Greg was living in Burlington, Vermont and Fayetteville, Arkansas.  Greg's approach on this album was to use more acoustic sounds and decrease the orchestration of his songs, while still presenting the listener with a rich aural experience.  As on Moose, Greg sequenced all the drum parts using samples.

Holding Inside the Sun was originally distributed by but is no longer commercially available.

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