For My Part

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The years between 2002 and 2006 were busy ones for Greg. Greg obtained a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology and then began work on his doctoral dissertation. He met, fell in love with, and married his wife, Liz Davis Goldman. He also played locally with the Athens Fusion Collective while also playing regionally with the funk-jam band Todd Rooster. However, in the spring of 2006, after the dissolution of both of these bands, Greg began initial tracking for a new album, one which would prove to be his greatest solo achievement to that point. Greg invited Athens Fusion Collective drummer Jim Johanson to play on two of the album's songs (Fine Tooth and Monday Night), and he enlisted the help of Everyday Animals (then Fokushima) drummer Adam Darlin for the remaining songs. With Everyday Animals mastermind Kevin Shima at the helm as head engineer, Jim and Adam laid down the entire album's worth of drums in only three studio sessions. Adam's driving rhythm and Jim's jazz and fusion inspirations breathed new life into Greg's recordings.

Greg also invited Sigmund Blue guitarist Brandi Parker to contribute electric guitars for the song Amazed. In addition to various ambient guitars, Brandi recorded two guitar solos which Greg had difficulty deciding between. Ultimately, he spliced one of the solos numerous times to create a choppy, rhythmic part reminiscent of Rage Against the Machine. This is the guitar that can be heard in the center channel during the solo section. Greg also invited Fokushima's Kevin Shima to add guitars to Fully Engaged. However, Kevin's busy gigging schedule with Fokushima allowed him only to provide rough tracks, which Greg used as inspiration for parts of his own.

The album cover of For My Part has significance. The photograph was taken at Watkins Glen State Park in upstate New York during Greg's honeymoon with Liz Davis Goldman. The two trees most prominently featured in the picture are joined at the roots. Brandi Parker was kind enough to help Greg turn this photograph into a viable album cover.