Covers Project

With the release of Cathexis, Greg found himself without a new project to work on for the first time in several years. His previous project, the Sigmund Blue album Long Distance Mixtape, had led fairly immediately to the conception of Cathexis, so that the years between 2008-2011 were fairly occupied with these two projects. Expecting his first child in early 2012, Greg hadn't the time to write and record another album before the due date but wanted to stay limber.

Greg decided to challenge his good friend Brandi Parker (Sigmund Blue, Tella) at her own game. Brandi had asked Greg some time before for permission to cover one or more of his songs. Clearly thrilled and humbled by this, Greg wasted no time in assenting. But then, with no other projects to occupy him, Greg decided to turn the tables and record a cover of a Tella song. Brandi, too, was more than willing to provide permission. Greg selected Tella's song Souvenir, which is not currently on an album but can be heard on the website (

Greg's version of Souvenir by Tella (original no longer available):

Greg loved the process so much that he quickly asked his good friend John Daly for permission to cover one of John's songs. John also consented. Here is Greg's version of the John Daly song Frame:

And here is John Daly's original:

Next, Greg tackled a song by Andy Goodson entitled The Voice. For comparison's sake, here is Andy's original version:

And here's Greg's version:

Then for his next pick, Greg obtained permission to cover the David Michael Tafe song Sun On Fire (from DMT's Suite in A Major):

Here's Greg's version:

Greg's last addition (as of this writing) was a little different. For this one, Greg obtained a poem from a longtime friend, Lezlee Ware, called "The Colors Bleed," and converted into song lyrics. He wrote backing music and a melody around the lyrics. So in this case, he "covered" Lezlee's poem. Here is the result:

Stay tuned for more covers as the years go by!