Volume II

Greg Goldman Volume II (2002)

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This second volume to Greg's 2002 double album set was largely recorded in Fayetteville, Arkansas and Athens, Ohio. As noted on the Greg Goldman Volume I page of this website, Greg Goldman Volume II features studio drummers. Andy Goodson of Sigmund Blue is featured on the majority of the tracks on Volume II. Charlie Platt (Punkinhead, Ultra Suede) is featured on "Big Big Lie." For "The Pride Piece," Greg sequenced the drum sounds using sampled household objects: the "bass drum" is Greg's fist against a clothes dryer, and the "snare drum" is a pencil against a taut piece of paper. Greg rounded out the rhythm by playing various percussion instruments.

One track, "Hiding in a Cloud," was recorded outside Cedar Studios. During Greg's first summer in Athens, Ohio, he joined forces with Athens drummer Jim Johanson to form the Athens Fusion Collective. That fall Jim took a course in music production, and for his final project he was required to produce a song by a local musician in Ohio University's recording studio. Greg performed "Hiding in a Cloud" for Jim's project. The track was recorded with the help of drummer Adam Darlin (who would later join the successful group Fokushima, later renamed Everyday Animals) and rhythm guitarist Sean Redefer. Jim and Adam also lent percussion tracks to the song's coda. Greg was so pleased with the result that he added the song to this album shortly before its release. During these sessions Greg developed an affinity for working with Jim Johanson and Adam Darlin in the studio, and he later asked both drummers to play on his 2007 release For My Part.

Greg Goldman Volume I and Greg Goldman Volume II would prove to be Greg's last solo albums for five years, during which time Greg completed the coursework for a Ph.D. in clinical psychology.

This album and its companion are no longer commercially available. They have been combined, remastered, and reformatted to form a single album called Greg Goldman, released in 2012.