Greg Goldman

Volume I

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While attending college in Fayetteville, Arkansas Greg played with the band Sigmund Blue (see Other Projects page for details on the new album). However, when that group disbanded in 2001 Greg began working on the double-album project that became Greg Goldman Volume I and Greg Goldman Volume II. He finished tracking in Athens, Ohio, where he moved to attend graduate school in the summer of 2002.

This project was the first time that Greg enlisted the help of guest musicians to play drums on one of his solo albums. Greg briefly played in a fusion trio with former Punkinhead drummer Charlie Platt, so he asked Charlie to lend his talents to some of the songs on the double album. On Volume I, Charlie can be heard on "Really You" and "Calliope." For a short time after Sigmund Blue, Greg also played in the band Numinous with drummer Justin Howell. Justin accepted Greg's invitation to play on the double album, and can be heard on "Concession Stand," "Stick To It," and "Two Stories Taller. " Greg took up the sticks himself for the second half of "Last Chance." For the remainder of the songs on Volume I, Greg worked with the most familiar drummer around him: Sigmund Blue drummer Andy Goodson. The result is a set of recordings with a much more lively, human feel than those found on Greg's first two albums.

Greg also enlisted the help of another former Sigmund Blue member, guitarist Brandi Parker, to lend her graphic design talents for this release. Brandi developed the album artwork concept for Greg Goldman Volume I and Greg Goldman Volume II using a photograph she had taken of Greg while he was living in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Greg was so pleased with Brandi's work that he would later ask for her assistance on the front cover design for his 2007 release For My Part.

This album and its companion are no longer commercially available. They have been combined, remastered, and reformatted to form a single album called Greg Goldman, released in 2012.