Greg played in the nationally-acclaimed jam-band Somah from 1992 to 1998. Almost immediately after Somah's breakup in 1998, full of song ideas and ambition, Greg began experimenting with computer recording software he had received as a gift. Greg founded a rogue recording studio in his apartment on Cedar Street in Burlington, VT (his recording outfit still bears the name Cedar Studios). The songs that emerged from these sessions formed the basis of Greg's first studio album. Unskilled in home studio-based music production and armed with only the most basic elements of a recording studio, Greg labored with such intensity that he likened the album to a hairy beast. This is where the title Moose came from.

Greg played every instrument on Moose and sequenced the drums using samples he made from friends' drums (and in one instance a kick drum sound sampled from a Peter Gabriel album). Some of the songs which did not readily fit into the album formed the basis of Greg's second album, Holding Inside the Sun. Greg moved from Burlington, Vermont to Fayetteville, Arkansas during the recording of Moose and finished the album there. It was initially distributed through, which was later bought out and shut down. Moose is not currently commercially available.